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Christmas 2017


Order Deadline2


Christmas 2017 is now available to order!


It's that time of year again when our fantastic Christmas seasonal
range is available for you to review. This year we have all most
2000 products for you to choose from. We have added 500 NEW
products so to view our brochure simply click the link below and
enjoy our festive treats.



Call To Action button - Brochure


You can also download the PDF brochure here...


PDF stillPDF download


Ordering Products

Confectionery, cakes, puddings, snacks and other tasty treats are at the heart
of the Christmas season and are the key categories in the build up to Christmas
throughout the fourth quarter of the year - so make sure you get your orders in early. Call To Action button - Order Form


To order your Christmas products, simply click the button above, enter your log in details
for our website and the order form will download. Select the products you want to
purchase and enter the number of cases of each product in the relevant delivery date
column. When you have selected your products and volumes then simply save the
spreadsheet and send to either your Customer Service Advisor, Sales Account Manager
or to risales@ramsden-international.com


Please remember that you may also need to place a top up order of other lines to
achieve our minimum order quantities that are detailed on the order form.


If you would like to view our products using our website, please click on the relevant
range button below...


Christmas-Ambient Christmas-Cakes
Christmas-Speciality Christmas-Health